So, What is this all about?

We are an organization of pet loving people who believe that every life matters and deserves to live free from abuse and hunger.  PAWS wants to inspire change, change in the way these pets are currently cared for.  What do we mean by that? We believe that a home to home environment, and not a cage to home environment is just one of the many steps in cultivating a healthy transition for adoptable pets and their future family.  Think about it, if you were stuck in a cage, for days, weeks or even months, what is the first thing you would do when you were freed?  I know what I would do. We want to arm all pets and their humans with the tools they need for a healthy long-term relationship.  What is the number one reason pets are returned to shelters after adoption? It’s because of problematic behaviors such as aggressiveness, peeing indoors or destruction.  We will make sure that your new furbaby is physically and emotionally ready to be a new addition to your family.  This is just the very tip of the iceburg of the wonderful future we see in pet care and rehabilitation….SO, how do we plan to do this?

Phase I:

During Phase I Paws House will work hard to educate the community on their mission, forge relationships and offer support to area non-profit organization, while raising awareness of the needs of the pets in our community.  Phase 1’s goal is to raise $50,000 that will be used to purchase 10 or more acres to house the facility.  In the event that a land donor comes forward any funds raised will be used to begin PHASE II. 

Projected Completion date:  Spring 2019

Phase II:

This is where it gets interesting.  In Phase II we have already secured the land that PAWS will call home.  Now we begin our capital campaign toward building the State of the Art, Non-Profit Medical Facility.  No more traveling 2 hours to get lifesaving surgery, or important rehabilitative care once only available in Pittsburgh.  This facility will be accessible and affordable, with affordable payment plans for qualified patients and assistance to others that qualify. Open 24/7 you will not be charged extra for Sunday help, can’t drive?  No problem, our mobile unit can pick you and your pup up for your appointment.  We will implement elder programs to help keep pets with their family as long as possible. These are just a few of the programs that PAWS will implement upon the completion of the medical center.  The proceeds from phase two long with continued fundraising and grant writing efforts will help PAWS reach Phase III.

Projected Completion date:  Spring 2021

Phase III:

The idea behind PAWS House is to build a sustainability plan. In an unpredictable economy, non-profits cannot depend on grant funding and donations alone to survive. There must be a well thought out plan in place for long term success.  The next step for PAWS House would be to …  This site is under construction, but we are so excited we are posting as we go..=)  Please check back for our progress and updates.

Company Profile



PAWS House believes that all Pets Are Worth Saving!

"Big and Small, We Love Them All!"  

PAWS House, Inc. is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization run by a group of volunteers who believe that every Pet is Worth Saving. We are raising money to build a self-sustaining community resource center and no-kill safe haven for all pets. 

PAWS House, Inc.


Founded: 2013

Founder: Kellie A.E. Burgan

TAX ID: 46-3666082


To provide an alternative community resource for pets and their humans that will foster a healthy long-term relationship.


A self-sustaining community resource center and no-kill safe haven for all pets.


  - Service to the community.   

  - Compassion for people and animals.   

  - Educate pets and their humans.   

  - No Kill Philosophy.    

  - Transparency in all we do.